jueves, 3 de agosto de 2017

Fave 2017's summer trend: high neck swimsuits

Summer is such a great season, everything is lighter and colorful and you can wear swimsuits like there's no tomorrow. Unless you live in the north area of Latin America (Like I do) Where there's summer all year long.

There has been a lot of trends on swim wear this year but the high neck swimsuit is been my favorite so far and I put up three outfits together with this style to inspire you all to wear this trend, this summer.

It is important for me to write that all the pieces shown on this post can be found at Rosegal, I'll leave the links to each piece under every outfit. Let's start!

Flower print versatility

What I love about this high neck swimsuit is that it looks great on every type of body shape, besides the color is amazing for any age so is a very versatile piece. A thing that I love about Rosegal is the wide range of plus size clothing they sell!

Embroidered power

This is the perfect example that you can wear black and still come up with a colorful outfit. Is the best of both worlds!

Pink dye

This one is the most different and I love it because of it sensuality! Is an incredible femenine bikini and matched with that military jacked gives the outfit that must needed edgy factor.

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Time for a new outfit!
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