lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

5 Tumblr u must follow: fashion edition

Tumblr is such a fascinating world of blogs, and pictures, and a couple of freaks in a good way that I love to visit daily. Always has new stuff up. And fashion couldn’t left this behind so is taking it over. Almost every fashion magazine has their tumblr version. So here are five tumblr you cannot miss.


Here are amlost every runway of the latest fashion weeks.

Coming from you can bet that they have the best fashion news in the Tumblr world.



Just like the magazine this blog has to be a daily click for every fashionista.

As I always say I can’t wait to work in Vogue.


This very elegant Tumblr shows you how one of the most famous fashion labels is managed.


P.S. I made this is the most fun Tumblr on the web. This girls shows you how to do your very own fashion items.

They even have a book! I already made a few things from this blog!


This blog is run by a girl who is very into the fashion world.

She makes fabulous collages from runways shows like no other!

Check my own Tumblr it has a lot of crazy stuff …

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